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    BtoB Meetings - High Level Conferences - Visits to Industrial Facilities

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    A Matchmaking Platform between International Buyers and Regional Suppliers

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    From the Organizers of Aeromart Toulouse, A&DSS Seattle, Aeromart Montreal


You have to sign up to attend Aerospace Meetings Romania. Visitors will not be allowed on site.



A pre-arranged BtoB meetings schedule will be given to you on site. Please review the steps below along with the official catalogue to sign up and to choose your meetings.

How to schedule your BtoB Meetings?

How to schedule your BtoB Meetings

From the organizer of

  • Aeromart Toulouse
  • A&DSS Seattle
  • Aeromart Montreal
  • Aerospace Meetings Brazil
  • Automotive Meetings Mexico
  • Automotive Manufacturing Meetings Detroit

Technical media partners

  • T&T
  • Piata Industriala

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Rooms and Access

Address: Marasti Blvd, nr. 65-67 C.P. 32-3, cod
011465, Bucuresti, Romania