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Aerospace Industry in Romania


March 14, 2016

2.00 - 2.10 PM   Official Opening

Mr. Costin Grigore BORC, Vice-Prime Minister and Minister of Economy
Mr. Neculai BANEA, Secretary of State

2.15 - 2.45 PM   Presentation of the Aerospace Industry in Romania and Business Opprtunities

Mr. Costin Grigore BORC, Vice-Prime Minister and Minister of Economy
Mr. Neculai BANEA, Secretary of State

2.50 - 3.45 PM   The Aerospace Industry in Romania

Mr. Mihail TONCEA, President of the Association - OPIAR

Presentation of the aerospace companies. 

 3.50 - 4.20 PM    Making business with Aerostar-Romania

 Mr. Serban IOSIPESCU, Director Aeronautical Products Division - AEROSTAR S.A.

Aerostar’s evolution from a supplier for the Romanian market to a “Tier 2” for the global aviation industry. The organic changes which took place in the company as a response to the market requirements, alternative with technological and organizational leaps. The elements of the general economic context such as the privatization and accession to the European Union put a mark on Aerostar’s evolution. The present position when parts, assemblies and systems produced by Aerostar are fitted on aircraft of OEMs like Airbus, Boeing, Gulfstream and Dassault is the basis to consolidate Aerostar as a significant supplier in the aviation industry.

 4.25 - 4.55 PM  

 IAR's Manufacturing Capabilities


 Mr. Andrei LORINCZ, Development & Production Director - IAR S.A. BRASOV

 5.00 - 5.30 PM    Industrial partnerships - The way to integrate into an international value chain


 5.35 - 6.05 PM    STELIA AEROSPACE, a new entity in the world of aerostructures and cabin segments

 Mrs. Annick BANCET, Global & LCC Sourcing Manager - STELIA AEROSPACE

After many years of continuous challenges for SOGERMA and AEROLIA, STELIA AEROSPACE was born on 1st January 2015. Europe N°1 and Worldwide N°3 on the aerostructure market ; N°3 on First & Business class seats segments and N°1 on pilots seats. Our global footprint through our different sites, our customers, our suppliers and our markets are key factors to our success and development. This is also our mindset, a will to open up the international markets of today and tomorrow.

 6.10 - 6.40 PM    Presentation of Sonaca Aerospace Transilvania (Romania)


Sonaca Aerospace Transilvania
Sonaca S.A. is an aerospace company located in Belgium and its core business is the development, manufacturing, assembly and test of aerospace structures and their associated subsystems.In order to fulfil clients’ expectations and orders, Sonaca expands its activity in Eastern Europe through a greenfield investment of several million Euro in the aerospace sector, by setting up a production facility in Romania - Moldovenesti, Cluj county, with the main objective of developing an industrial capacity and specialize in its activities complementary to those of the other entities of the Group.Mid-September, in order to finance the project, Sonaca Aerospace Transilvania SRL obtained from the Romanian authorities a grant in amount of RON 24.1 Mil. (EUR 5.4 Mil.). The total project has a total value of RON 52 Mil (EUR 11.8 Mil.) that will be invested during 2015-2017.

Investment details
The project consists in buildings, equipment and machineries for assembly and composite parts that will be invested during 2015-2017 to produce parts for Embraer and Airbus. Based on the current scenario, the new production facility is planned to be operated in two shifts and the people will be hired according to the production ramp up.

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